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"As a therapist, my focus is on assisting individuals grappling with anxiety, depression, and a history of trauma. If you want to navigate these challenges and seek a compassionate partner in your journey towards healing, I am here for you. In our journey together, I focus on helping clients overcome anxiety and depression, providing practical strategies for a calmer mindset. I aim for clients to feel better, regain control over their well-being, and experience positive changes in their lives. The goal is a more fulfilling and emotionally balanced journey towards healing and self-discovery.

I take a non-judgmental approach and provide a safe and supportive environment for clients to be heard and grow. I assist clients with identifying their strengths, successes, and accomplishments. My therapeutic approach includes cognitive-behavioral, acceptance and commitment, solution-focused, and trauma-focused, specialized in EMDR.

If you feel you need support to process your thoughts and feelings to be able to move forward and accomplish your goals, I can help you on your journey!"

Meet Pari: About Me
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