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Compassionate Care, at a pace that feels safe to you.

We (Michelle, Pari and Nicole)  are each experienced working with trauma and understand how important it is to create safety and to move at a pace that works for you as we work through your trauma. We work on the ability to contain your trauma experience and the resulting feelings and physical symptoms, so that it doesn’t spill over into your everyday life. We can teach you grounding exercises to help you feel safer and more present when you start to feel flooded with emotions thinking about or being reminded of your trauma.  I help you build the gap between your sense of self and what has happened to you. When something traumatic happens in your life, it can become merged with your sense of who you are, resulting in thoughts such as "I am not safe". Building a gap means we separate a traumatic event which happened to you, from who you are. I help you to change that belief "I am not safe" to "something unsafe happened to me".  You had strengths before your trauma, and they are still there. I can help you feel more resilient, reduce your shame, and move through the past so that you feel less "stuck".  Trauma can come in the form of medical trauma, violence, exposure to a threat of your life and safety or the life and safety of a loved one.  It can also result from consistent exposure to little traumas.

Image by Andrew Buchanan
Trauma & PTSD: Service
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